Is Shopify Plus a good option for enterprises? Learn about the latest innovations and how Acid Labs can help you transform your online business.

Shopify Plus: Does it Meet The Demands of Enterprises?

Shopify, the platform chosen by 10% of the global e-commerce software market, has established itself as the benchmark for businesses looking for a robust, scalable, and secure platform to boost their online presence.


At Acid Labs, we not only recognize Shopify's relevance in this sector, but we are also witnessing the impact it is having on enterprise e-commerce.


We recently had the privilege of attending a Shopify event in New York, where we could learn about the new Shopify Plus applications and their expansion into the e-commerce world, and network with other industry leaders. As part of the Shopify Plus Fast Track Partner Program, we were honored to represent Chile as the only company from this country invited to the event. 


Gert Findel, CEO of Acid Labs, at Shopify's NY event

Gert Findel, CEO of Acid Labs, at Shopify's NY event


Our participation has allowed us to dive deeper into how Shopify Plus can help large businesses transform their online presence.


Ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Find out how Shopify Plus can help you achieve your goals.


Why Shopify Plus for the enterprise segment?


Historically, the enterprise segment has been critical of Shopify, viewing it as an unsuitable platform for their needs. The main objections focused on scalability, flexibility, and the inability to integrate with complex enterprise systems. 


However, Shopify has evolved significantly in recent years, addressing these concerns and positioning itself as a viable solution for large enterprises. In fact, Shopify Plus offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for the enterprise segment.


Benefits of Shopify Plus for large businesses


● Headless architecture: Shopify Plus offers a headless commerce implementation, which separates the front end from the back end, allowing for greater flexibility in designing and developing an online store. This makes it easier to integrate with existing systems and tools and gives you more freedom to create unique and personalized user experiences.


● Composable approach: Shopify Plus allows the online store to be assembled from different components and services, providing greater flexibility and scalability. This allows you to easily adapt to the specific needs of your business and add new features quickly and easily.


● Unlimited scalability: Shopify Plus can seamlessly handle large volumes of traffic and transactions, even during the most demanding spikes in demand. As a result, businesses can grow confidently without worrying about technical or performance limitations.


● Tailored customization: The platform offers exceptional flexibility to tailor the shopping experience to the specific needs of each organization. You can create unique and engaging interfaces to reflect brand identity and provide a memorable user experience.


● Integrations: Shopify Plus seamlessly integrates with various business tools and services, including CRM systems, data analytics tools, and marketing platforms. This enables the creation of a complete and efficient e-commerce ecosystem that optimizes business management.


● World-class support: Businesses that choose Shopify Plus receive dedicated, high-quality support to ensure they get the most out of the platform and receive expert assistance in any situation.


● Innovative solutions: Shopify Plus has a rapid development cycle, with frequent updates and constantly introducing new features. It also offers a high level of customization, allowing businesses to adapt to specific needs and stay ahead of market trends.


Shopify Plus: Overcoming objections from the enterprise segment


Shopify Plus has effectively addressed the objections of the large business segment: 


1. Cost


While Shopify Plus can be a powerful solution, it can also be expensive. However, it offers flexible plans to fit any business's needs and budget. In addition, it promises a high Return on Investment (ROI) through its ability to increase sales, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs in the long run.


2. Scalability


Although Shopify is designed to scale, some businesses may find scalability limitations as they grow. Shopify Plus is designed to handle large volumes of traffic, transactions, and data to meet the needs of rapidly growing businesses.


3. Integrations


As businesses grow, they typically need to integrate Shopify with various existing systems and tools. Shopify Plus has a flexible API allowing easy integration with a wide range of existing systems and tools. In addition, numerous third-party solutions certified by Shopify can help you integrate your store with your specific business systems.


4. Innovation


While Shopify offers frequent updates and new features, some businesses may find these innovations not enough to meet their specific needs or keep up with the evolving marketplace. However, Shopify Plus stands out for its focus on innovation, offering a rapid development cycle with frequent updates and new features. It also provides a high level of customization, allowing businesses to adapt to specific needs and stay ahead of market trends.


Acid Labs: Your business transformation partner


At Acid Labs, we are Shopify Plus experts with a highly skilled team of experienced developers and consultants to help you:


◼︎ Evaluate whether Shopify Plus is the right solution for your business, considering your specific needs and strategic goals.

◼︎ Migrate your existing e-commerce store to Shopify Plus efficiently and securely, minimizing disruption and maximizing uptime.

◼︎ Customize your Shopify Plus store to create a unique and engaging shopping experience that reflects your brand identity.

◼︎ Integrate Shopify Plus with your existing business systems to create a complete and efficient e-commerce ecosystem.

◼︎ Get expert support and ongoing assistance to ensure the long-term success of your Shopify Plus store.


If you're looking for a robust and scalable e-commerce solution for your business, contact us today!

Publication date: May 17, 2024.

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Shopify Plus: e-commerce for enterprises